Sunday, October 23, 2016

When you breathe

10/23/16 When you breathe photo JoIsaacDadLighthouseView.jpg
When something makes you sad, breathe in a lovely thought.

When you're worried,
breathe in hope.

When you're afraid,
breathe in calm.

Let breathing bring you closer to better, for your family and for yourself.
photo by Jo Isaac

Friday, October 21, 2016


 photo DSC04961.jpgLearning proceeds from being able to touch and see things, maybe to hear, smell or taste things. To discuss new or unexpected things. To think about interesting things.
photo by Sandra Dodd

Look for light

Look for light, literally and figuratively.

Early, in the kitchen, a basket of light:

One side is white with dark holes. The other side is dark with pink morning sun. Had I used a flash, both sides of the basket would have looked the same and the soft spots would have been gone.

Downstairs, another light show:

photos and little video by Sandra Dodd in 2010

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet and playful

10/20/16 Sweet and playful photo Look how long our shadows are.jpg"Don’t underestimate how wonderful your happy presence can be for your kids. Be sweet and playful and optimistic and involved. Give them lots of your time."
—Deb Lewis
photo by Eva Witsel

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


"I will never forget how I realized that I could be an independent person from watching That Girl, or how seeing Barbara Jordan give the DNC speech as the first Black Woman ever to do so impacted me in ways that stay with me to this day."
—Jocelyn Cooper
10/19/16 Remember... photo IMG_3477.jpg
You remember learning things. Your children are learning, too.
Read more:
photo by Sandra Dodd

Sorry for the American references, but here:
"That Girl" was a game-changing television program, and Barbara Jordan (a U.S. Representative from Texas) gave a speech aired on TV at the 1976 Democratic National Convention at which Jimmy Carter was nominated to run for president.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Get your footing so you can make progress.

"That picture you paint for yourself will get in the way of seeing the whole, real person right in front of you.

"Be precise in the words you use to describe those you love, aim to support and care for. Be as generous as you can too. The clearer you see your child, the better you can respond to their needs. The better you learn to listen to them, see them, and be of useful service to them, the more they will have confidence in your ability to have their best interest in mind."
—Karen James
photo by Sandra Dodd

Monday, October 17, 2016

Cats, for real

For fun, today, maybe think about the nature of cats. There are pet cats, acting-and-modelling cats, folklore and humor about cats, fantasy cats, cartoon cats, imagery, song, and story of cats. Wild cats, musical cats, cool cats. Thinking about what IS a cat will help with thinking about the "is"ness of all other things.
photo by Brie Jontry of painting by Noor JontryMasterson
who also created the cat art here:
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